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Unlock code for the Sprint Vogue
Mar 16 2009, 4:30 PM EDT | Post edited: Mar 16 2009, 4:30 PM EDT
Originally Posted by Dc_striker View Post
Here's how to get your MSL Unlock Code to edit the settings found under "Dialer Codes" (##code#)#) mentioned earlier.

0. Download GetSPC

http://www.5gmobile.us/mobilefiles/VX6800/GetSPC.zip (if this link doesn't work then try googling "GetSPC" or checking the download section)


1. Unzip and copy the extracted GetSPC folder (with all 3 files) to the storage card on your device.

2. Write down the ESN (Hex) number found behind the battery.

3. Power up and run the 'GetSPC(PPC 2003)' executable on your device.

4. In the 'Input' field, enter the ESN number you wrote down but be sure to use ALL CAPITOLS for the alpha values. (Ex: 123ABCD4, not 123abcd4)

5. Hit the 'Go' button. The value in the 'Output' field will be your "Unlock Code".
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