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Hard/Master Reset for a HTC Pocket PC:

Performing a Hard/Master Reset will remove all of your data (settings, files, 3rd party applciations, etc.) from your device and will only reload the Windows Mobile Software and components.

The method for Hard Resetting/performing a Master Reset on HTC devices can vary by model. Below are the instructions for the most common method. If these steps do not work for you, consult your user manual or contact your wireless carrier for additional assistance.

  • With the device powered on, press and hold the Left and Right Soft Keys.
  • Whilst holding the Left and Right Soft Keys, perfrom a Soft Reset on the device by inserting the stylus into the reset hole.
8525 Hard Reset
  • If successful, you will get a message on the display of your device asking you to confrim the Hard Reset. Note: the below image is just an example and the confirmation screen on your unit may differ.
Hard Reset Confirmation

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